Philips AstraPrime 15-Watt Recessed LED Panel Ceiling Light…

Price: ₹800.00
(as of May 25,2023 00:09:13 UTC – Details)

Q1 – What is a LED downlighter/panel? A – A downlight or an LED panel is a ceiling light which goes into the ceiling. You need to have a false ceiling to install this type of lighting. Q2 – What is the difference between a downlight and panel? A – A downlight is rear lit. This means the LEDs are present on the back side of the product. A panel is edge lit; this means the LEDs are present on the side of the product. Downlights traditionally provide better uniform lighting. However for home lighting applications, panels are equally good. Q3 – What should I keep in mind while buying a downlight/panel? A – There are many options available in this category and it can be quite confusing! Here are some things to keep in mind while purchasing new lights for your home. 1. Uniform lighting promise: It may happen that when you multiple pieces of the same product, you may get different brightness from each installed piece. Philips guarantees uniform brightness and same colored light from every single piece you purchase and install in your home. 2. Wide Voltage Protection: It is important that the lights in your home are able to withstand voltage fluctuations. Philips offers the widest voltage protection in the market ranging from 160V to 360V 3. Surge protection: When the voltage fluctuates or when there is frequent power cut offs, you need a product which is robust enough to withstand all this. Philips offers a surge protection of 2.5KV 4. Warranty: Philips LED products come with Duramax Technology. This is a 2 year warranty from the date of purchase or 27 months from the date of manufacture. The warranty card will come with your product purchase.
Wattage: 15 watts; Operating Voltage: 360 volts
Includes: 1 LED Panel Ceiling Light
Slim construction for wider applications, long Life LED light source, premium material, durable and robust, anti-glare diffuser, no harmful UV/IR radiation, surge protection min 2kV, over voltage protection up to 360V
Cut-out: 140mm
Bright Diffused Light: Up to 80-percent light efficiency after diffuser
Manage the heat emission well, keep low temperature for better performance and longer lifetime

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